News Releases


Members of the board of trustees of the Cincinnati Southern Railway (“CSR”) recognize and respect the public’s right to know about all matters pertaining to the function of CSR that are required by Ohio law to be made available in the public domain. 

In that regard, the board of CSR adopts the following media relations protocol:

  • All media inquiries will be referred to the board chair or someone designated by the board chair to handle such inquiries.
  • All media inquiries will be responded to as quickly as is possible and in a manner demonstrating CSR’s respect for the public’s right to know and, in this regard, the role of the news gathering and reporting process.
  • All responses to the media will be as complete as is reasonable and appropriate under the circumstances.
  • CSR will respect the competitive nature of the news business and not share a reporter’s inquiry with any other reporter.
  • CSR will be respectful of the fact that not all reporters have a background in complex matters with which the CSR is typically engaged and will be professional and patient, within reason, in educating reporters with background information as it considers appropriate.
  • CSR reserves the right to build upon strong relationships and give appropriate attention to a reporter or media outlet demonstrating particular interest, enterprise and acumen for the business of CSR.
  • CSR reserves the right to not respond to a particular reporter or media outlet demonstrating a bias against, or an unwillingness to understand, the business of CSR.


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